My Gift To My Child, LLC was created to offer your student a comprehensive experience where we can strengthen his or her academic and organization skills for success..

At My Gift 2 My Child, we believe that if your child is strong at the outset when the work becomes more complex, they will have the study habits, the work ethic, the learning strategies that give them the edge to succeed.

We strive to help your child establish a foundation for academic success at every level so they can build confidence and competence. We offer weekly reinforcement and learning expansion to build academic stamina, rigor, and readiness. We equip parents with weekly tips, tools, and techniques for managing the schedule, homework, and project demands including social studies and science.  

Do any of these words describe your experience with your child’s education – frustrated, confused, disappointed, concerned,  ready to take control?

The school system process can be frustrating:  changing standards,  incomplete information, testing and homework requirements can be different, contradictory, and even confusing.  Would you like to be more confident and proactive?  Are the standard measures of success consistently just out of reach? Does the report card tell one story but the testing data tell another?  Or, are you satisfied but want to stretch your student scholar so that he/she is at the top of their game and in a better position to select the preferred middle school programs, high school, or college & career path?

Let’s help you navigate, plan, prepare, and pursue the K-12 journey. 

MyGift2MyChild is an education consulting and tutoring service working with parents to create strong and effective home ~ school partnerships. 

Our goal is student success and parent empowerment.  Turning research into practice, we work with parents and students to discover student strengths,  identify areas for improvement, and apply targeted resources and strategies to build, strengthen, and stretch student development.   Working together, we find the gifts and nurture the gifts to make the academic journey learner-centered.

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