Our role at MyGift2MyChild, LLC is to equip you and your child with resources and strategies that lay a foundation for a Stronger Start™. We believe that when we help you focus on the basics, build learning stamina, and apply the skills,  then you can be sure to achieve your desired results aka win the game.

Every grade level has its core competencies.  Are you ready?  Can your child ace them? How do you increase your child’s confidence and competence?  With a Stronger Start™.

What is Stronger Start™? It is a supplemental education program that customizes learning content and learning approach to match your child’s learning style. We integrate this methodology into all of our services at MyGift2MyChild, LLC.

Stronger Start is a parent’s support system – we focus on how to work successfully with the teacher and the content and win the battle without losing hair or sleep.

Plan. Prepare. Practice. Progress. Produce. Knowing how to manage the demands of the school curriculum – new content, new teaching methods, higher standards can be stressful.  Students need a great learning environment at school and supportive coach at home.  We help you help them.

What can you expect?

For the student:

  • a tutor or learning partner who shadows the learning experience
  • homework review with remediation and enrichment activities to strengthen, maintain, or stretch confidence and competence in targeted learning standards
  • Minute Matters – planned enrichment activities in core content areas to extend literacy and build grade-level critical thinking and project management skills

For the parent:

  • access to a learning coach to translate and demystify the grade level learning standards and competencies required for success
  • project and time management tips for conquering projects, reports
  • strategies for building and sustaining learner confidence and competence with grade level learning standards

Please select the level of support you need at this time from the service offerings below.

Education Consulting 

  • Initial consultation:
    • initial dialogue to identify parent or caregiver concerns regarding student performance and learning success
  • Assessment & Observation:
    • pre-instruction assessment to determine student competence and confidence with grade-level standards
    • review of student routines, homework planning, organization strengths & capabilities, test preparation & study techniques
  • Parent partnering:
    • on-going coaching and advising to enhance partnerships with teachers, school professionals, and administrators;
    • resource and planning recommendations for critical academic transitions (3rd grade; middle school prep & transition; high school prep & transition)
    • recommendations, tips, techniques, and strategies for project and process management
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP) process review, communication, and partnering tips and techniques

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Tutoring & Enrichment

Academic success involves a wealth of experiences, knowledge, skills, and abilities.  MG2MC offers various enrichment programs to build roots in different academic avenues.  Although these programs are not rigidly aligned with ‘testing standards’, they provide a window to thinking, creating, ideas, knowledge that easily shows up in standardized tests and other admissions testing requirements.


  • grade-level learning plans based on assessment data or teacher recommendations
  • remediation learning plans to strengthen foundation skills and test performance
  • reading and language arts instruction, practice, assessment prep
  • mathematics instruction including grade-level number concepts, math facts, operations, mathematical thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • homework & classwork organization and study skills, tips, and techniques
  • social studies and science review instruction, comprehension and application stretch, and readiness



  • customized learning plans to broaden background knowledge and cross-curriculum integration
  • student stretch through content, vocabulary, and cross-curriculum learning extension
  • integrated and expanded cross-curriculum instructional activity to maintain high-performing edge including test preparation
  • science thinking, science fair preparation, planning, and project management

Access.  Enrichment. Readiness. Growth. 

  • Science of Wonder™ is an enrichment program that works with familiar concepts to reduce the readiness for scientific thinking in mathematics, science, and engineering.  This program asks questions and guides students in building thinking skills to develop creative answers.  Science asks and answers questions.  We wonder about science as we create new inventions or develop a stronger understanding of how things work.
  • Reading to Learn this is our advanced reading and non-fiction extension program.  This program pairs reading skill with the demands of different content areas.  This program is highly recommended for students who are sound readers aspiring to strengthen their reading skills across the curriculum in all content domains.  Instruction in this program focuses on the structure of the content domain, patterns of non-fiction reading, learning strategies and assessment readiness in the content area.
  • Book Club & Speaker’s Bureau- wide and varied reading is critical for student success.  Reading alone can be fun.  Reading and engaging in interesting. This highly selective enrichment program serves a small group of engaged and high functioning readers. Read. Explore. Connect. Create. Extend.  Success as a leader in any field involves the ability to effectively shape, support, and present ideas.  This 5-week enrichment activity provides student scholars with a variety of reading resources and opportunities to show, share, and shine in their own literary presence.  Great for family, friends, and BFFs.

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