Success Advantage


What makes us different?

Large education services have a cookie-cutter approach; we take a more personalized approach.  Each learner is unique

We find the gifts and then nurture the giftsWe work with you and the student scholar to establish patterns and practices that foster engagement, love of learning, motivation…and parental peace of mind.

  • We offer a parent-inspired portfolio of services and resources based on over 15 years of success at home tutoring (and lots of $$ wasted on inefficient resources).
  • We employ a structured review, and accessible enrichment resources to match the learning style.
  • We promote learner affirmation, positive partnering, and teacher collaboration.
  • We work to inspire student success attitude and readiness for success.
  • Our approach is:
    • Parent-inspired and stress relieving
    • Structured and learner-centered
    • Accessible and standards-aligned
    • Positive and rewarding

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