The Journey

We spent hundreds of dollars on books, supplies, and manipulatives as I fine-tuned the range of tools, tips, techniques that would served us well.  Along the way, I invited friends and classmates to share in the learning journey – WITS™© (Weekends in the Summer) and other innovative instructional resources, products and activities that introduced and explored core knowledge and grade level competencies for student success.

Knowing the connection between language production, language processing, and academic success in reading, reading comprehension, mathematics, science, social studies and the broader curriculum gave us a Stronger Start™.  

STRONGER START™ – Our Approach.  Our Process.

  1. Discover different approaches to learning 
  2. Organize the instructional approach and resources to match the gifts of the learner.
  3. Build a solid and robust foundation in Reading & Reading Comprehension – Reading Roadmap©
  4. Employ consistent instruction and application of concepts through:
    • unique language of the content area
    • incremental learning
    • scaffolding
    • zone of proximal development
    • connect the dots in meaningful applications
  5. Apply a flexible and engaging learning approach: 
    1. STAMP™   (Stop. Think. And. Make a Picture)
    2. Think Aloud Allowed  to develop critical thinking
    3. Learn the uniqueness of Language in the Content Areas: mathematics, science, social studies, music and the arts
      social studies
    4. Practice cross-curriculum application of language in the content areas

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